Tunnel ovens

Machines, ovens, production lines
We focus predominantly on the sale and production of industrial bakery machines and ovens of all kinds.

GBT offers the full range of tunnel ovens: wire-mesh belt oven, plate oven, stone plate oven, steel belt oven, pre-bake oven and flat-bread ovens - direct or indirect heating ovens and pasteurisation ovens.

The tailored solution for the customer:
GBT tunnel ovens are not off the shelf. Individual requirements vary too much in terms of the production capacity, required products or available space. Focused on your specifications and your wishes we develop and manufacture ovens precisely according your input.

Customized by the masters themselves:
All GBT tunnel ovens do have one thing in common: they use the state-of-the-art bakery technology as well as attaching high quality materials to provide a superior construction for maximum operational safety.

The advantages of the GBT tunnel ovens for your successful industrial productions are as follows:

  • Even distribution of heat with parallel radiators
  • Even colouring ("browning")
  • Low energy consumption due to sandwich insulation in basalt wool
  • No hot spots at the surface of the oven
  • Flexible use of fuels, such as gas, oil or electricity.
  • Temperature-dependent speed control of the circulation fan