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Discover our quality, experience and our know-how in the new GBT technical center.

You have an idea for a product? We have the right bakery technology.
Our claim as a global system supplier for the bakery is to have a complete approach. Of course, we offer technology and innovations at the highest level, made in Germany. In addition, we enable you to implement your product idea economically, sustainably and with the result of the best baked products.

One example of how you can follow the trend towards artisanal products, is with our Olympia dough divider. This divider allows dough to be processed gently and with a precise weight. This allows a high dough yield even with bowl fermentation. This unique combination is due to the fact that with the GBT weighing process which is separated from the dough feed and thus the dough is processed very gently and “stress-less”. The incorporated gas is not pressed out and the structure of the dough is destroyed, only compressed. These gas bubbles can expand again during the relaxation phase and give the dough its characteristic artisanal structure.

GBT stands for quality and know-how for over 20 years. Visit us in the technical center. We look forward to a technical discussion with you.

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